Eating our way to Montreal …and Back Again

2 thoughts on “Eating our way to Montreal …and Back Again”

  1. Lovely writing Pam. I don’t recall the kind of nonsense I was spewing back in those days but I’m grateful that you didn’t simply write me off as a mouthy girl from the East. I just remember that life in Regina was so vastly different from Montreal. While I didn’t appreciate it then, I now realize how fortunate I was to live in the western part of Canada. Sadly at the time, all I wanted was to get the hell out but I am so grateful that you and your best friend were open and generous enough to let me make all kinds of mischief with you for that brief time. I adore and miss you both.

    If I contributed in any way towards your desire to travel then I’m humbled and a bit proud. I’m so happy that you love Montreal. It’s a very special place. While I still talk to much, these days I go on and on about another part of the world where French is spoken. Why don’t you “travel” over to see me in Provence already? If it’s Bohemian cool you’re after then it’s just the place.
    The food there isn’t bad either, ya know. It’s simple, sandy, sun kissed and the food is always fresh. My door is always open, the cheese is always just the right temperature and the rose is always cold. It would be my pleasure. G.


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