Stocking Up

Few things give me greater pleasure than planning the menu for a party or a family visit. In addition to eating, pretty ┬ámuch constantly, our family also loves to talk about food and cooking, and pretty much everyone has a strong opinion on, well, whatever food-related topic is under discussion. As I’ve mentioned before in … Continue reading Stocking Up

“White” Pizza

I’ve been making pizza every week for about 20 years now. There was a wheat-free period in our lives, where I stopped making it, but we just missed that gooey, melty mess too much. Pair it with a glass of good red wine that has a bit of an edge, a chianti, rioja, or tempranillo, … Continue reading “White” Pizza

Making Do

I’m a believer in the maxim that constraints inspire creativity. When I had a child, I understood, for the first time, that possessing a limited period of time to complete a task actually helps one complete that task. Call me confused, which I certainly was in my youth, but I had never actually understood this … Continue reading Making Do